About Ashley

I love the arts – both high and a little lower… Outings to galleries and theatre delight me, but I also love discussing great tv and movies. Music has always been a passion, and a renewed interest in my vinyl collection gives me opportuities to be thrilled by new (sometimes old) finds. Yoga, cycling and crossfit are my favourite ways to stay active and fit.

Dining out is a supreme pleasure, and I am an adventurous, appropriate companion who always likes to try new things. If you are looking for a hot new restaurant or a cozy Toronto favourite, let me suggest and reserve a spot for us for an enchanting outing. An imaginative cocktail or carefully-chosen wine add to the delight… or can be a perfect get-to-know-you.

Although never expected, if you wish give a little extra for me to remember you by, I always appreciate a gift card for music, books or entertainment (iTunes, Indigo, Amazon), or beauty, lingerie and other essentials (Sephora, Nordstrom, Hudson’s Bay). Or your favourite bottle is always a welcome addition to the bar!

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